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What is Kaksha?

Kaksha is a learning app designed to help students and teachers manage and streamline their school work in a better way.

Problem Statement

During these tough times due to the pandemic, education system is one of the badly hit sectors. Students and teachers are having a difficult time coping with new online classes system.

Without a definite process in place students and teachers are having difficulties managing the class notes, Q & A’s, submission and assessment of assignments using chat applications.


  • Users need a one stop solution which acts as a centralized platform and streamlines the process for regular school work seamlessly.

  • Students need a platform where they can connect with peers

  • Provide a digital solution for teachers to reduce the manual work in their daily routine

Target Audience

  • Students

  • Teachers

  • Schools/Colleges

Design Process

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User Research

In user research, I interviewed 20 users to understand the difficulties they are facing and collected viable information from them.

  • What does your typical workday look like?

  • What are some of the apps you use the most?

  • How do you currently go about your regular academic work?

  • How much time do you typically spend on school work?

  • What do you like or dislike about how you are currently managing school work?

  • What are the problems you are facing with the apps/websites you are using currently for academic work?

  • How is the current academic situation impacting other aspects of your life?

Competitor Analysis

Based on the responses received from the user interview, I got some insight into their frustrations, pain points, needs and motivations.

Next step was to perform a competitor analysis. A detailed analysis gave me an understanding on their performance, the issues they are trying to address. This also helped me in identifying the features, patterns that resonate with the users and ideas to provide better user experience.

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Affinity mapping

Affinity mapping is a method which can help in analyzing large amounts of data and organize them into groups.
I analyzed the data gathered from the user interviews and segregated them into separate groups to understand the users’ frustrations, needs and motivations

Affinity map.png


Personas are fictional representation of the target users which are created based on the user research. Personas help to understand the users’ needs, experiences, behaviors and goals.

I have created the below personas based on the data from the user research phase and affinity mapping.


Card Sorting

Card sorting is a technique used to organize topics into categories that make sense.

Based on the data gathered from discover and define phase, I was able to come to a decision about the categories and topics of the app and perform a card sort to create an logical information architecture.

card sorting.png

Information Architecture

info arch.png


Wireframing process helps in establishing a skeletal structure and flow for the possible design solution. I did the low fidelity wireframing with a paper sketch and then moved to digital wireframe in Figma.

paper wireframe.png
digital wireframe.png

Hi-Fidelity Mockup


Poppins is one of the geometric sans serif typefaces which nearly monolinear. It is user friendly and gives a feel of freshness and modernity.


Visual Design

Once the functions,features and style guide were decided, I moved on to the visual design. I have kept the design simple and focus was mainly on making sure the design was user friendly.

student mockup.png
teacher mockup.png

Testing Phase

Usability testing is the process of testing how easy and user-friendly a design is. The evaluation was conducted with 6 users and below are the feedback and observations.

  • Screens are clean, without any clutter and easy to understand

  • There were no confusions in the app navigation

  • Very good concept. Will be very useful to schools if implemented

  • Interface is easy to use. Queries and Quiz modules are very well designed.

What I learned

Working on this project was a great learning experience. Users needs are many and their pain points are many and we have to design a solution which addresses as many pain points as possible. Moving forward i will continue to do more usability studies and improve the design and make it more inclusive and accessible.

Thank you for reading

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