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Welcome to Cheese Delight Pizza

Cheese Delight is an up and coming pizza shop in Bangalore with a growing dedicated customer base due to their tasty food, good hygienic practices and high quality services. They offer a wide spectrum of competitive pricing and choices of pizza for the customer.

The problem

The target customers of Cheese Delight Pizza shop are mostly located in and around Bangalore, and they do not have time to cook meal or stand in line at the shop for ordering pizza. 

The goal

Our goal was to design an easy to use app all users to order food from Cheese Delight from their location without having to wait in line in the restaurant.

My Role

My name is Amoghavarsha. I am a native of Bangalore and aspiring to be a UX designer. As a designer, my goal is to come up with inclusive and accessible designs for users from all backgrounds.

My role in this project as a UX designer building it from the scratch and my responsibilities included user research, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, iteration, and the creation of a final high-fidelity prototype.

Project duration

March 2021 to April 2021


I have created below personas based on type of users interviewed during the research phase.



I conducted interviews with target users decided on further action based on what was learned from the research. With help of the insights gathered during the research, I tried to understand the pain points our users are experiencing.


The most important pain points we uncovered were:


  • No dedicated app for ordering food from Cheese Delight Pizza shop

  • Delivery tracking is very unreliable in 3rd party food delivery apps

  • 3rd party apps don’t have option to customize the pizza

  • Have to wait in long line to order food in the shop

  • 3rd party food delivery apps can be overwhelming and confusing to use sometimes.



The information we uncovered helped me realize we need to design an easy to use app so that so users like Mahesh don’t get overwhelmed while using it. We now had a clearer idea of how to move forward. 

Problem Statement

Based on the research insights and user’s pain points & needs that should be addressed, I was able to arrive on a problem statement.


Low-Fidelity Wireframes

After lot of iterations with the paper wireframes, I finalised one and created a digital wireframe of the same.


Usability study

Study type: Unmoderated usability study

Location: Bangalore, India, remote (each participant went through the usability study in their own home)

Participants: Five participants, each completing the study individually

Length: Each session was 5-10 minutes, based on a list of prompts

Results: Few users were not clear on how to customize the order. Users also wanted an option to include delivery instructions and option to view order history and re-order.

High-Fidelity Design

Based on the usability study results and insights derived from the results, I did  some iterations to update the design and then created a hi-fidelity design.


I modified the initial design to make sure it is accessible to more users.

  • Included an option to select the language of choice

  • Changed the orange color used in intial design to a darker shade to make sure it meets the WCAG guidelines.

Group 60.png

Link to prototype

Clink here to access the final high-fidelity prototype of the Cheese Delight Pizza app

Accessibility considerations

  • Option to select language to ensure people from different language backgrounds are able to use the app without issues

  • The images on each page use alt text to allow a screen reader to read the content. 

What I learned

As I was designing the Cheese Delight pizza app, I learned that the design keeps evolving with usability studies, feedback and iterative processes. As the users keep giving feedback, the design continues to improve and become more inclusive and accessible. Moving forward, I will continue the usability studies and iterations and improve the design and provide better user experience.

Thank you for reading

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